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What is the Modern Accelerated Program (MAP 2-hour consultation) and How Can it Help?

Healthy Relationships and Personal Growth

The MAP 2-hour consult for couples provides a safe space to explore relationship concerns without the pressure to commit to ongoing weekly therapy as partners. I have found in my years of working with couples that sometimes a psychoeducational consultation is exactly what is needed.

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Relationship Lessons From Nature…

I enjoy hiking but am not an avid hiker. It’s something I’d like to challenged myself to do more frequently. To help me engage this desire, I recently joined a casual hiking group in the area, and I was delighted (and a bit relieved) when I saw an “outdoorsy” movie screening come up on the group calendar thinking: this is probably a little more my speed at the present.

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How Can Therapy Help?

Everyone goes through times when they feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and uncertain. Or, times when they are struggling in important relationships – whether with parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, or partners. Therapy can help by allowing you the space to explore the source of the struggle(s)…to heal…to feel encouraged, to take action, and build hope about what’s possible for the future.

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