Family Therapy in NYC

Family therapy is designed to strengthen relationships between family members, provide clarity, and improve family members’ ability to address concerns from a more constructive and empowered stance.

Modern MFT specializes in dealing with family concerns impacting aging parents, adult siblings, and evolving parent/ adult child relationship dynamics.

Family therapy can help you to:

  • Address the changing roles and responsibilities between family members
  • Address adult sibling relationship issues
  • Improve members’ ability to discuss long standing relationship conflict
  • Improve intergenerational trauma and problematic patterns
  • Feel support in the launching phase with young adults
  • Deal with the impact of estrangement
  • Handle a life stressor such as a mental or physical illness, addiction, injury or infertility
  • Improve relationships in the context of family business partnerships

Therapy is a unique type of service in that it requires you to play an active role in the changes you'd like to create for yourself.

Therapy requires you to think on things that were discussed in session and to try something new that may be outside your comfort zone. In order to be effective, therapy involves a commitment to the process and a willingness to communicate openly with your therapist.

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