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Physical Intimacy/ Sex Counseling

Optimal Intimacy

“The thing about change is you can want it and fear it at the same time.” -Suzanne Iasenza

Exploring the topic of sexual issues/ physical intimacy can help to enhance the overall quality of your relationship and help you to feel closer and more connected as a couple.

It’s natural for your preferences to evolve as your needs change over time. What may have worked several years ago may no longer be exciting or erotic. What might be fulfilling for one person may change over time or may not be satisfying to the other partner like it used to be.

Whether you’re struggling to understand yourself as a sexual being or you’re experiencing the burden of desire discrepancies with your partner in particular, or you’d like to work through some specific challenges related to your overall physical intimacy, therapy to address sexual concerns can help you identify what’s not working and take the necessary steps to improve the identified areas. 

What’s Involved?

Sexual and physical intimacy concerns are best viewed in the context of each individual’s history and with consideration to the present relationship dynamics. Depending on the nature of the issue(s) you’re facing together, we will create a plan that often involves homework and assignments so that we can monitor your improvements and progress.

Together we’ll work to identify the areas of concern, define your most up-to-date definition of satisfying sex/ affection, and strengthen your ability as a couple to address these important concerns with careful consideration to your individual needs. My approach to helping you address sexual concerns in your relationship is non-pathologizing and supportive. Together we’ll explore what is currently problematic in your sexual relationship and work to improve these areas.

Therapy for physical intimacy and sexual concerns can help you to:

  • Identify the specific individual, relational, and environmental factors influencing current sexual functioning
  • Create and maintain more excitement and satisfaction in your physical relationship
  • Take inventory of your sexual differences/preferences and learn how to discuss them more openly with each other
  • Address the impact of childhood abuse (all forms) on physical intimacy
  • Expand what’s possible in your relationship when it comes to how you define sex & physical intimacy
  • Address the impact of a major life transition on your sexual functioning
  • Address underlying anxiety in regard to performance
  • Address how to maintain desire in your relationship over the long-term

You may be wondering about sex counseling if not in the context of a partnership or committed relationship…many individuals also pursue sex counseling to help them work through certain barriers or troubles related to their sex life – no matter how they identify their current relationship structure or status. If you are experiencing some kind of distress related to your sex life, sex counseling can help!

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