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MAP (four-sessions)

Modern Accelerated Program (MAP Four-Sessions)

This short-term program is minimal commitment yet packed with valuable information/resources, personalized insights, and proven tools that you and your partner can use for a lifetime.

I believe that relationship health is one of THE most important investments a couple can make early on in their partnership or at the start of a marriage.

There are so many topics couples must be able to negotiate successfully over the course of their relationship, why not start that process off in the best possible way?

Taking time to explore a variety of topics impacting the health of your relationship and some common pitfalls before they even happen sets you up for success and satisfaction.

Together we will spend four extended sessions together diving deep into the specifics of how to do the following:

  • improve communicationaddress conflict with greater ease
  • improve sex/ affection by taking inventory and exploring desire/ fantasy
  • intimacy-building exercises designed to help you move the conversation forward when it comes to difficult-to-talk-about concerns
  • how to manage stress and navigate uncertain times together
  • how to repair after an argument so you can honor upset feelings and move on to more enjoyment

This is Modern MFT’s most comprehensive and accessible program for couples. This program is offered at special rate when compared to the traditional hour long couple session at Modern MFT.

We will also explore this notion of trust and how to protect it and strengthen it over time. In addition, we’ll take a look at how you can preserve a sense of desire in the context of closeness and familiarity so you can operate with greater awareness for this key ingredient. Finally, we’ll also delve into building a vision for your future lives together taking into account other relationships and experiences you might want to prioritize as you join together moving forward.

As a passionate, licensed marriage and family therapist in NYC, I combine my nearly ten years of clinical experience providing both individual and couples therapy with my in-depth knowledge of relationship health to create a unique program designed to offer you the skills, experience, and enhancement so that the quality of your relationship can serve as a true source of joy and satisfaction.

This program offers extended sessions and a unique curriculum to guide the sessions and help stay focused on the preventive and enhancing aspects of your relationship health. Whereas couples therapy is a longer process with a more extensive time commitment—in couples therapy, you will be spending the first few sessions on assessment. This program is accelerated and designed to target communication, intimacy, affection, and repair in a shorter period of time. Ideal for couples most typically seeking premarital work— meaning more preventive in nature — although this program is well-suited for any couple looking to improve the quality of their relationship. This program offers special pricing at a reduced hourly rate when compared to typical cost of a couple session at Modern MFT. It is designed to be an effective, accessible, time-limited investment for your relationship.

Any couple looking to enhance their relationship can benefit from this special program. If you have been struggling with a few areas, this is a great option for some targeted support so you can move through the difficulties toward greater understanding and satisfaction. The program is also great for couples who are in a relatively good place but who would like to be proactive. Often things are going pretty well, but there are these little areas that seem to repeatedly get in the way.

Yes. Over the years, Jennifer has developed many tools and resources to help partners get to the root of the issues quickly so they can make adjustments and enjoy a closer connection. You will receive tools and homework based on your specific areas in need of enhancement.

Please contact the office to schedule your first session.

You are able to start your first session at any time in the month. Ideally you can complete four consecutive sessions (one per week). However, it’s okay if you have to space them out in a particular way throughout a six-week period.

Yes, provided that time is available. It is easiest to schedule at the start of the month. Ideally you will book at least one week before the start of your program, however you may need to book as early as three weeks before the start depending on program availability for your requested day/ time.

Yes. You will have six weeks to schedule your four sessions.

Ideally, we will keep the same time and day for our four meetings. However, you will have a chance to discuss dates at the start to accommodate any special circumstances.

Insurance companies do not recognize codes outside of the DSM or the medical model procedure codes.

This is a program unique to the offerings at Modern MFT designed by Jennifer Uhrlass, LMFT after her years of experience providing couples therapy in NYC. This program is currently being offered at a 15% reduced rate of $1680 when booked in April or May of 2020. Regular cost: $1980. Payment plans are available.

I look forward to helping you improve the quality of your relationship!

Yes, due to travel restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19, this program is offered through a secure HIPAA compliant platform.

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