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Seeking help and support during a difficult time doesn’t have to be overwhelming or intimidating. Although the reasons for starting therapy might vary, I have noticed some common themes in terms of general goals: to get individualized help, support, and guidance while moving through a difficult time, increase a sense of agency regarding important areas of life (relationships, boundaries, coping skills, health etc.), and develop new ways of handling struggles that have been especially troubling — whether internally or interpersonally.

It all begins with an initial call in which we discuss what’s been going on lately. I offer both traditional weekly therapy and unique accelerated programs to offer more targeted support.

After you have explored the specialties below, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about getting started. I can be reached directly at 917.708.7088.

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Areas of Specialty for Individuals


How we think and feel about ourselves is an important factor in our overall happiness, our ability to be resilient through ups and downs, and our ability to form positive, nurturing relationships.

  • Stop negative self-talk and increase self-confidence
  • Become more resilient and handle stress more effectively
  • Create momentum to building your best life moving forward

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Depression doesn’t have to rule your life or dictate what’s possible for you. Together, we can help you relieve your symptoms and gain a sense of stability so you can enjoy life again.

  • Get a plan in place to improve your support system
  • Learn how to improve your coping skills
  • Take positive, empowering action towards creating a better future

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Anxiety manifests in a range of ways, including excessive worrying about how you’re perceived, limiting beliefs, or overwhelming fears that trap you in unproductive thinking patterns.

  • Learn how to handle, not avoid, anxiety-provoking situations
  • Stop negative self-talk both internally and externally
  • Feel more confident & experience more joy in daily life

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Problematic coping styles, like difficulties setting boundaries, self-medicating, or self-destructive patterns can trace back to a root cause of trauma. Therapy can help you heal.

  • Recognize your triggers and respond with more compassion
  • Develop effective coping skills to manage difficult emotions
  • Learn how to feel calm and safe in daily life

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Dating/ Relationships

Dating in New York City can feel like a roller coaster that never ends. We can help support you through the ups and downs, and give you tools to make choices aligned with your values.

  • Notice & understand significant patterns
  • Clarify what you need from your relationships
  • Take action to establish satisfying, meaningful connections

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Career Concerns

Career challenges can make you feel disillusioned and disempowered. Together, we can work to understand the issues you face and enhance your ability to deal with them.

  • Improve your ability to deal with challenges effectively
  • Strengthen your confidence and confront fears
  • Gain clarity when you come to crossroads in your career

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Life Transitions

Life transitions often involve significant shifts in identity, not to mention stress, anxiety, and even grief. Seeking support can help you cope better, clarify your goals, and set priorities.

  • Gain clarity about your priorities for the future
  • Move through fears holding you back
  • Build positive momentum towards your goals

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Destructive anger can impair our ability to connect with ourselves and others in a meaningful way. Together we can work to explore what’s beneath the anger and understand it so that you can express yourself in healthy ways.

  • Develop healthier outlets for difficult feelings
  • Learn the difference between constructive vs. destructive anger
  • Develop self-compassion + improve relationships

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Areas of Specialty for Couples

Communication Issues

With guidance, practice, and compassion, you can learn to address conflict and discuss contentious topics with your partner in constructive ways that strengthen your relationship.

  • Discuss difficult topics calmly & productively
  • Enhance your emotional responsiveness towards each other
  • Feel seen and heard by your partner 

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Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling offers a safe space to address a variety of relationship concerns in a healthy and constructive way. Together, we can set you up for success so that you can move forward with confidence and joy.

  • Improve communication
  • Feel more connected + appreciated
  • Deepen intimacy + satisfaction

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Sex Therapy

Opening up communication around physical intimacy can be a breakthrough moment for couples looking to deepen their sense of connection with each other.

  • Identify and build a plan towards your Optimal Intimacy
  • Navigate desire discrepancies for greater satisfaction
  • Create an action plan to create a more fulfilling physical relationship!

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Transitioning to parenthood, before and during pregnancy, and after the baby arrives, involves a significant change in identity for both partners, and comes with a unique set of challenges.

  • Hone your communication skills early on
  • Heal your own wounds from childhood
  • Learn how best to navigate that first year as a team

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Infidelity/ Trust Ruptures

As deeply painful and overwhelming as an affair can be, infidelity doesn’t have to be the end – it can be the beginning of a new, more open and honest phase of your relationship.

  • Determine the best course of action for your specific circumstances
  • Gain clarity on how (or if) to move forward in the relationship
  • Express your needs constructively and repair trust

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Divorce/ co-parenting

Going through a divorce can feel overwhelming in many ways. Parental conflict can hinder children’s adjustment and good co-parenting skills are very important to a child’s adjustment.

  • Learn how to co-parent effectively
  • Deepen awareness of your relational patterns
  • Heal and confront issues proactively

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Areas of Specialty for Families

Sibling Relationships

Siblings are forever, but sibling struggles can last a lifetime. We help adult siblings repair past hurts, shift damaging patterns, and move forward with understanding and compassion.

  • Find space to forgive but not forget
  • Find compromises to function more cohesively
  • Address disagreements for more productive outcomes

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Family Roles

As children mature and emerge from the nest, family roles change, posing a new set of challenges for parents, children and the family system as a whole.

  • Communicate more effectively in difficult conversations
  • Ensure everyone feels heard and seen in the family
  • Understand and transform problematic interactions

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Child/ Teen Counseling

Raising children and teens comes with complicated challenges. You may find that you are struggling to help your child to make good decisions or to a have healthy influence as you aim to help your child or adolescent navigate the world.

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Let’s get started – I look forward to speaking with you soon.