Changing Family Roles

Navigating the launching phase/ empty nest can pose a difficult set of challenges not only for emerging adults and their parent(s), but for the entire family system as a whole.

It can be frightening, frustrating, and confusing to be faced with a series of important decisions or significant changes to the family dynamics that you feel ill-equipped to handle together.

Life transitions and changing roles are inherently stressful…

Changing roles and responsibilities along with the new heightened demands on young adults can lead parents/ caregivers to feel strained and unsure of how to maintain a sense of peace and togetherness while also nurturing a sense of independence and confidence in their children.

Therapy for changing family roles can help you to:

  • Feel heard and supported during this challenging life transition
  • Consider roles and responsibilities in the context of the entire family system
  • Develop more effective ways to communicate and handle difficult topics of conversation
  • Increase a feeling of being heard and seen in your family
  • Understand and transform problematic interactions
  • Repair fractured relationships

Therapy is a unique type of service in that it requires you to play an active role in the changes you'd like to create for yourself.

Therapy requires you to think on things that were discussed in session and to try something new that may be outside your comfort zone. In order to be effective, therapy involves a commitment to the process and a willingness to communicate openly with your therapist.

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