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Adult Sibling Relationship

Coping With Sibling Conflict in a Healthy Way

Sibling struggles can last a lifetime. They are often critical relationships in one’s life for the reason that they, along with our caregivers, are the first significant people who teach us about relationships. We interact with them on a daily basis, harbor resentments or jealousies, and may continue to argue with them long after we’ve left the home where we grew up.

The Process of Repair…

At Modern MFT, we specialize in helping adult siblings and caregivers to repair past hurts and move forward with greater understanding for the perspectives of each member. This can be some of the most intense, yet rewarding work for clinicians due to its ability to interrupt and repair problematic intergenerational patterns.

Therapy for adult sibling relationships can help you to:

  • Address disagreements from a more productive stance
  • Find the space to forgive and re-write a difficult past relationship with your sibling(s)
  • Find compromises to help you function more cohesively as a family/extended family unit
  • Develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your sibling(s) perspective on conflict
  • Express your needs more constructively and feel heard
  • Heal issues related to past abuse/ neglect

Together, we can work to explore, understand, and resolve the complex issues that you’re experiencing with your sibling(s).

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