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Transition to Parenthood

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“In order to get to a healthier and more productive place, we need to give up our fear of conflict, turmoil, and resistance.” -John Gottman

The transition to parenthood is often a vulnerable time for couples due to the significant change in identity—both as individuals and as a couple. It’s no longer only about you and your relationship or your personal goals—it’s about creating the space for a new person in your relationship and your life. Not much is known about this little being who will come into your life, but we can all agree that life will dramatically change forever.

Therapy Before This Life Transition is Important. Here’s why…

According to relationship research, approximately 67% of new parents experience conflict, disappointment and hurt feelings during the transition to parenthood. If your goal is to be thoughtful, loving, responsible partners and parents, there are several critical areas that therapy can help you address prior to moving forward with your plans to start a family.

Sometimes, there are areas that you can easily identify that you’d like to work on and improve, other times, you might want guidance through a standard curriculum that will prepare you for the common challenges and inevitable difficulties that lie ahead.

Therapy for the Transition to Parenthood can help you to:

  • Address differences in parenting philosophies/ perspectives
  • Explore roles & responsibilities and gain clarity over areas in need of compromise
  • Manage conflict and improve communication issues 
  • Handle changing schedules and self-care
  • Navigate the first year—anticipate and plan for the inevitable challenges that are typical of this period
  • Deepen your financial intimacy and get on the same page about planning for the future
  • Manage your time— creating space for individual, couple, and family time
  • Address and heal past wounds from your own childhood and family of origin

Therapy will be tailored to meet your specific needs…

So it’s important to be communicative throughout the process to ensure that you receive what you need in order to move confidently into this next chapter of your life. We’ll work together to help you navigate this major life transition so you can really enjoy your precious time together. 

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