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Everyone goes through times when they feel discouraged, overwhelmed, and uncertain. While mental and emotional health should be considered on par with taking care of one’s physical health, these critical needs are commonly overlooked and neglected...

Taking the time to confront challenges or to enhance an important relationship helps us function at our best.

Relationships & Optimal Intimacy

While many people can acknowledge that the quality of our lives is greatly influenced by the quality of our relationships, individuals often allow conflicts to worsen significantly before seeking the appropriate treatment. I recommend a more proactive, preventive approach.

Emotional Health & Wellness is Rooted in Our Ability to Connect...

I believe meaningful connection to others is a key component of a happy life. And I know and appreciate that life and relationships are messy at times. A person can be quite accomplished in many aspects of life and simultaneously continue to struggle in other important areas including their relationships or ability to cope (in healthy ways) with difficulties.

Therapy can help by allowing you the space to explore the source of the struggle(s) feel encouraged, to take action, and build hope about what’s possible for the future.

Therapy provides gentle guidance, support, and encouragement to help you design and implement a better plan for yourself moving forward. Whether that means addressing relationship conflict or problematic patterns of anxiety or avoidance, dealing with destructive anger, developing healthier coping skills, or finding the courage to make a significant change in your life, therapy can help.

People Use Therapy in Different Ways...

Sometimes there is an emphasis on creating major change and other times therapy is used to maintain progress through a transition or as ongoing support during a tough time. As long as it feels productive for you, there’s no need to judge yourself for how it serves you.

If you’re visiting this page, it means there’s something in life right now that’s not going well. Or, perhaps there’s something important to you that you’d like to improve or enhance.

I encourage you to take this first courageous step and reach out. Your future self will thank you!




"I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer while she completed postgraduate clinical training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. I immediately noticed Jennifer’s passion to help individuals, couples, and families create positive shifts in their lives using her extensive clinical training to support the changes they envision. Jennifer is both kind and compassionate in her ability to help clients feel safe and supported when overcoming barriers. Moreover, she learns about their unique life experiences to identify the strengths that will support their future endeavors. As a colleague, Jennifer’s ambition and commitment to self-development motivates others to do the same through modeling and coaching which makes me grateful for her friendship and professional guidance in the field.” -Stephanie Vigoya, LCSW"

Jennifer is an intelligent, hardworking, and sensitive clinician who has been great to work with. We have collaborated over several years, and I have been impressed by her caring nature and thoughtful conceptualization of cases. A shared patient of ours has greatly benefitted from her individual therapy, as well as her direction in group therapy. Jennifer is very responsive and an excellent communicator and very easy to work with." -Shannon Delaney, MD, Psychiatrist and Researcher, Columbia University Medical Center

Jennifer is a wonderful Marriage and Family Therapist. She does exceptional work with couples in helping them communicate effectively and rebuild their relationship. I highly recommend her!” - Liz Morrison, LCSW

“Jennifer is an intelligent, warm, and thoughtful clinician. Having known Jennifer for over ten years and worked with her for several of them, I have found that Jennifer has a keen ability to create a comfortable environment which engenders trust in everyone she meets. She has significant experience and expertise working with couples and individuals to resolve their most difficult challenges, and does so with empathy, collaboration, and an open mind. In addition, Jennifer is a passionate life-learner and believes her own ongoing professional development is essential to best support her client’s unique needs.” -Kristina Ortiz, MHC

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What makes Modern MFT unique?


  • We value quality over quantity—meaning our offerings are carefully designed and implemented so that we can deliver our psychotherapy services with the highest integrity. In order to ensure that a quality experience is delivered, our weekly caseloads are small. This ensures that our clinical team is at their best and that our clients receive a personalized and tailored experience.
  • We take pride in providing competent care in a safe, professional, and welcoming environment.
  • We value diversity and inclusion and we are constantly striving to ensure that our services and programs are delivered with sensitivity and with a demonstrated willingness to understand differences more deeply.
  • We view the goal of optimal mental well-being in the context of overall health and with consideration to the powerful integration of the mind, emotion, and body; our approach to mental health services reflects an understanding of this complex and sensitive system.
  • We are committed to the continued development of our profession and the quality of our services and believe that in order to provide excellent clinical care, we must engage in on-going education, self-reflection, consultation, and training. This value allows us to perform at the highest level and deliver services to the best of our ability.
  • The practice cares about contributing to the growth and development of the next generation of thoughtful, highly skilled relationship therapists. We donate a portion of our time each month to advancing this important endeavor. We believe it is essential to the future of our field and to the important work that therapists do in our society. We also believe that it helps to preserve the uniqueness of value that we provide to the community as a distinct mental health profession.


  • Intimate relationships can be difficult and complicated at times, and they can also be improved.
  • Loving, playful, connected relationships are an essential ingredient for a happy and satisfying life.
  • Energizing and fulfilling long term-relationships take creative effort to maintain.
  • Everyone deserves to have enjoyable, life-enhancing relationships. .
  • The quality of our relationships impact every aspect of our lives.