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Couples Counseling, Family Counseling Services and Therapy in NYC

We live in a modern world, where intimate relationships, marriages and families come under a new set of pressures and expectations. We’re all trying to find our way to fulfilling lives and satisfying intimacy, which requires exploration. As your therapist, I serve as a trusted guide on your journey. You are the expert on you; I am the specialist facilitating the process, informed by the latest research and my extensive experience.

3 Research-based models underpin my approach to therapy:

Family Systems Therapy – A form of psychotherapy that looks at issues through the lens of systemic thinking, taking into account contextual cause and effect. We look at how relational dynamics, societal and cultural influences, and the actions of individuals inform and affect your reactions and sense of well-being.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy – An action-oriented approach to psychotherapy that stems from cognitive behavioral therapy. Clients learn to recognize and stop avoidance and denial so they can accept their emotions, make necessary changes, and move forward in their lives.

Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples – This evidence-based approach takes the context and dynamics of your relationship with your primary childhood caregiver into account when exploring your emotional responses with your partner. With EFT, research has shown that 70-75% of couples move from distress to recovery, and up to 90% show significant improvements.

Core Beliefs:

  • Everyone deserves to have satisfying, enjoyable relationships.
  • Intimate relationships can be difficult and complicated at times, and they can also be improved.
  • Loving, playful, connected relationships are an essential component of a satisfying and happy life.
  • Energizing and fulfilling long term-relationships take creative effort to maintain.
  • The quality of our relationships impacts every aspect of our lives.

What is therapy like at Modern MFT?

Going to therapy is like healing a broken bone. It takes time to mend, but with the right attention and care, fractures can become strong again. Stronger, even, than they were before.

Many of us go through life trying to ignore, or disengage from our “brokenness.” We put up all kinds of walls and defenses, when so often it’s the opposite that’s needed: Dedicating time and energy to the healing process.

Therapy creates a space and time to do that work.

The process of therapy is both a challenging and exciting journey. You will discover important insights about yourself, address the neglected parts that need healing, and cultivate a fresh perspective on your identity as a human capable of loving, being loved, and living life to the fullest.

Everyone has the capacity to create real positive change in their lives. And, often, challenges are best resolved with a little help from an outside support system.

Therapy in NYC

We live in a vibrant, bustling, go-getter atmosphere here in New York City that rewards assertiveness and drive. But it’s also easy to feel lonely in a crowd, anxious amidst so many high expectations, overwhelmed by our work-hard-play-harder culture, and unhappy under the pressure to maintain a public smile.

As a professionally trained systemic therapist, part of my work is to understand the context in which we live, including social location, family dynamics, emotional health, physical health, and of course, mental health and wellness. I embrace a holistic understanding of my clients which creates the right conditions for lasting positive change.

How we can work together

I recognize that different individuals have different needs so in addition to weekly therapy, I also offer accelerated programs for couples and individuals.

See the Services page for a complete list of my specialties, or give me a call now, tell me what you’d like to work on, and we’ll find the right treatment for your needs.

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