“I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer while she completed postgraduate clinical training at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. I immediately noticed Jennifer’s passion to help individuals, couples, and families create positive shifts in their lives using her extensive clinical training to support the changes they envision. Jennifer is both kind and compassionate in her ability to help clients feel safe and supported when overcoming barriers. Moreover, she learns about their unique life experiences to identify the strengths that will support their future endeavors. As a colleague, Jennifer’s ambition and commitment to self-development motivates others to do the same through modeling and coaching which makes me grateful for her friendship and professional guidance in the field.”

Stephanie Vigoya, LMHC

“Jennifer is an intelligent, warm, and thoughtful clinician. Having known Jennifer for over ten years and worked with her for several of them, I have found that Jennifer has a keen ability to create a comfortable environment which engenders trust in everyone she meets. She has significant experience and expertise working with couples and individuals to resolve their most difficult challenges, and does so with empathy, collaboration, and an open mind. In addition, Jennifer is a passionate life-learner and believes her own ongoing professional development is essential to best support her client’s unique needs.”

Kristina Ortiz, MHC Dean of Admission LIM College
“Jennifer has an amazing ability to put others at ease. I would want to sit across from her and share my heart. She has a very comforting presence that comes from deep within; she is made for this work.”
Jessica Ellis, LMFT

“Jennifer is an intelligent, hardworking, and sensitive clinician who has been great to work with. We have shared many patients together, and I have been impressed by her caring nature and thoughtful conceptualization of cases. A shared patient of ours has greatly benefited from her individual therapy, as well as her direction in group therapy. Jennifer is very responsive and an excellent communicator and very easy to work with.”

Shannon Delaney, MD Researcher and Psychiatrist

“Jennifer is a wonderful Marriage and Family Therapist. She does exceptional work with couples in helping them communicate effectively and rebuild their relationship. I highly recommend her!”

Liz Morrison, LCSW

“We were not in a good place when we first started therapy; we were really struggling with communication and it felt like our relationship might end. We are in a much better place now…we fight much less and communicate much better. It’s easier to talk about our needs and how best to meet them. Our work spanned several topics including communication, our physical intimacy, the in-laws/ holiday arrangements, and our changing needs. Having deep discussions about how our behavior has impacted each other has been very helpful. I feel much more connected and seen. Couples therapy really helped me to express my needs and communicate more clearly.”

Kristen B., 31

“Prior to seeking help, we had a solid relationship but were unable to weather turbulence in a healthy way— something stressful or out of our control would throw us way off kilter. Now, we have a better language base to discuss difficult topics and to head off dead end tangents—we can catch each other straying across the net. I personally feel like I have more clarity on issues that my partner brought up before but that never were properly addressed. Making the commitment to the process was invaluable to our relationship. Knowing that we both wanted to be there helped me throw myself into the sessions and stay honest when it would have been easier to brush things under the rug. Couples therapy really helped me to fully express myself (without being cut off and without worrying that the response would be defensive instead of introspective) and in turn hear my partner’s frustrations. I’ve always been a fan of therapy, and this intensive format really helped us make important changes and elaborate on our feelings in a positive way.”

Sarah C., 28

"I feel this program unlocked doors for me. I didn't even realize how much I was dependent on substances until I completed this intensive. The most valuable part of the process for me has been the knowledge and skills I gained, and the ability to discuss them in a thoughtful and meaningful way. This program really helped me to practice taking care of myself and set a healthy routine."

Ashley K., 27

"I did not have hesitations about wanting to complete this program; I knew I needed to do this. The sessions really helped me to become more aware of my needs and grow as a person. The most valuable part of the program for me has been how interactive it is--completing the handouts and discussing my thoughts and experiences has been very significant. The materials distributed throughout the program were extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this intensive to anyone who has experienced trauma or PTSD”.

Laura S., 38

Note regarding client testimonials: In keeping with ethical principles and appropriate code of conduct, none of these opinions or testimonials was obtained from current therapy clients or other persons, who because of their particular circumstances are vulnerable to undue influence. Also, these testimonials represent individual experiences, your experience will be your own and these testimonials are not intended to guarantee or imply a guarantee of treatment outcome.