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Special Programs for Couples

Relationship Checkup

This two-hour consultation is designed to offer you and your partner a comforting space to explore your most pressing relationship concerns and receive professional guidance and support to help you begin to make important changes.

We will also review the overall quality of your relationship to see how you’ve been feeling in all aspects of your connection.

Through a calm and encouraging space, this brief program offers clarity, insights, and personalized guidance to help you and your partner assess your present relationship needs and create a thoughtful plan for the future.

Relationship Checkup can help you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your partner’s perspective in the relationship
  • Clarify the areas you would like to improve in your relationship
  • Develop an action plan to better address conflict
  • Identify a problematic cycle of interaction
  • Address a topic of conflict with the guidance and support of a compassionate professional

This program is best for couples who are in mild-moderate distress who would like to address an impasse in the relationship or for couples in a relatively good place who are looking to enhance an aspect of their relationship quality.

Offers: Two-hour professional consultation session. Couples will receive resource materials and a personalized clinical summary designed to build on progress made in session.


CoupleFit is designed to help you address a difficult impasse or problem area with more focused attention. Through extended sessions over a month long period, you will have the opportunity to make significant progress and improve the quality of your relationship. 

Specifically for couples in a committed relationship. This program aims to help highly motivated couples get on a better track now.

Address the Setbacks

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already spent so much time stuck in an unproductive pattern with your partner…Perhaps you’ve been struggling with the in-laws or you’re going through a recent transition that has put additional stress on your relationship, or maybe you just need some tools to enhance the quality of your connection.

CoupleFit can help you to:

  • Learn how to be a more emotionally responsive partner
  • Understand the root causes of your communication problems
  • Gain clarity on goals for your relationship
  • Develop the skills to enhance your intimacy
  • Identify and address troubling patterns
  • Express your needs more effectively
  • Strengthen your partnership and plan for the major changes inherent in life transitions such as becoming a parent

CoupleFit for Expectant Parents

CoupleFit is also an excellent choice for expectant parents who desire to be loving, responsible, and attentive parents and partners.

Prepare for the significant changes by focusing on the quality of your relationship.

The program will help you to address and resolve challenging relationship concerns and help you to better define your hopes and goals for the future.

This program combines research-based psycho-education with couples therapy.

Offers: Four 90 minute therapy sessions scheduled once per week. Program includes resources and materials distributed throughout.

Modern Accelerated Program for Couples (MAP)

Modern Accelerated Program for Couples (MAP) is a tailored, intimate two-day therapy experience for committed couples who deeply value the quality of their relationship.

MAP is an excellent choice for couples in a long-term relationship who desire to deepen their physical/emotional connection, improve communication, heal past hurts, and/or re-establish a meaningful path forward together.

MAP can help you to:

  • Clarify your short term and long term goals for your relationship
  • Define your ideal relationship vision
  • Make amends regarding a difficult experience and pave a new path forward
  • Identify and interrupt troubling intergenerational patterns
  • Address gridlocked issues once and for all
  • Deepen your understanding of what hurts your partner and how to respond differently
  • Learn the art of compromise as is relates to the health of your relationship and managing conflict
  • Understand your unique cycle of interaction and how to transform problematic patterns
  • Improve your physical intimacy and your ability to talk about sex more openly and more frequently

Offers: A tailored, intimate two-day therapy experience.

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