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MAP for Premarital

Modern Accelerated Program (MAP) Premarital

This short term program is minimal commitment yet packed with valuable information/resources, personalized insights, and proven tools that you and your partner can use for a lifetime.

I believe that relationship health is one of THE most important investments a couple can make early on in their partnership or at the start of a marriage.

There are so many topics couples must be able to negotiate successfully over the course of their relationship, why not start that process off in the best possible way?

Taking time to explore a variety of topics impacting the health of your relationship and some common pitfalls before they even happen allows partners to enter into their union with a significant advantage.

Together we will spend four weeks together diving deep into the specifics that come up while also addressing important areas including:

  • communication/ how to address conflict with greater ease,
  • taking inventory when it comes to sex/ affection,
  • intimacy-building exercises designed to help you move the conversation forward when it comes to difficult-to-talk-about concerns

We will also explore this notion of trust and how to protect it and strengthen it over time, as well as desire and how to operate with greater awareness for this key ingredient which is often overlooked; finally, we will also delve into building a vision for your future lives together taking into account other relationships and experiences you might want to prioritize as you join together moving forward.

Jennifer combines her nearly ten years of experience providing couples therapy across the lifespan along with her in-depth knowledge of relationship health and satisfaction to create a unique premarital method designed to offer you the skills, experience, and enhancement so that the quality of your relationship can serve as a true source of joy for a lifetime.

This program offers extended sessions and a unique curriculum to guide the sessions and help stay focused on the preventive and enhancing aspects of your relationship health. Whereas couples therapy is a longer process with a more extensive time commitment—in couples therapy, you will be spending the first few sessions on assessment. This program is accelerated and designed to target the needs of a couple specifically looking to cover a lot of ground related to various topics of relationship health in a shorter period of time. Ideal for couples most typically seeking premarital work— meaning more preventive in nature.

Any couple looking to enhance their relationship can benefit from this special program. Ideal for couples who are in a relatively good place but who would like to be proactive. Often things are going pretty well, but there are these little areas that seem to repeatedly get in the way.

Yes, you will receive tools and homework based on your specific areas in need of enhancement. The program is designed to incorporate topics that Jennifer has seen couples struggle with, and then worked with them to enhance and improve.

In order to facilitate this program in the best way possible, it is offered only on certain days and times.

Currently for the summer/ early fall of 2019, it is offered on the following days/ time:

Mondays (midtown) from 10:30-12:00
Mondays (midtown) from 1:00-2:30

Tuesdays (midtown) from 10:30-12:00
Tuesdays (midtown) from 1:00-2:30

Thursdays (East 11th) 2:30-4:00

*The above spots are not necessarily open, please contact Jennifer directly to find out about her current openings and to schedule.

Pro tip: It is recommended that you and your partner plan out the days you will be taking this program so that you do not feel rushed or distracted in any way. Meaning, if you are opting for Mondays at 1:00, perhaps flex your time if possible, or plan to use a PTO or vacation day or leave work early for the day. This allows you to take in the program with consideration and regard for its importance. It is easy to envision this level of planning when taking a vacation or getting to the gym, but sometimes when it comes to this type of work, it might not be as natural to think of it in that way, or to carve it out into your schedule with the same level of importance. By being proactive and thoughtful about your participation, you can set yourselves up for success so that you and your partner can maximize the benefit.

Yes, provided that time is available. It is easiest to schedule at the start of the month. Ideally you will book at least one week before the start of your program, however you may need to book as early as three weeks before the start depending on program availability for your requested day/ time.

Jennifer advises not doing this and instead just opting to start your program at a later date when you are both available for four consecutive weeks. Reason being is that this program is accelerated and is specifically designed to be optimal when taken in four consecutive weeks.

Ideally, we will keep the same time and day for our four meetings, however, it may be possible to shift one day/ time if it is planned at the start of the program. Once a particular spot is filled for the present month, Jennifer will begin booking for the following month.

Unfortunately, no. Insurance companies do not recognize codes outside of the DSM or the medical model procedure codes.

This is a program unique to the offerings at Modern MFT designed by Jennifer Uhrlass, LMFT after her years of experience providing couples therapy in NYC. The cost of the program is $2000.

This program is ideally taken as an in-person offering. In-person sessions allow for a certain quality that is not able to be recreated through video or phone (telehealth formats). Technology is awesome and allows for amazing things to happen; however, due to the personal and intimate nature of this particular offering, Jennifer prefers to offer this program in-person.

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