Taanisha Rodgers

Taanisha’s interest in Marriage and Family Therapy stems from her work in education. She has worked with children and families through a non-profit organization and undergraduate students at a women’s college. The ability to witness the family system’s influence on a student and their family was critical in the formation of Taanisha’s therapeutic approach. With students, Taanisha encouraged academic success, with her clients, Taanisha hopes to encourage personal success. She believes that by recognizing one’s patterns and the ability to change, people will be able to foster the connections needed to reach their goals. Taanisha hopes to collaborate with individuals, couples, and families to build stronger relationships.

Taanisha has a Bachelor’s degree from the State University of New York at Albany in Human Biology and is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Fairfield University, located in Fairfield, CT. Taanisha enjoys working with diverse populations and clients of all ages.